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The Most Popular Toys Of All Time

As a child, everyone had their favourite toys. In this blog, we’re going to delve deeply into nostalgia and have a look at the most popular toys of all time.


Arguably the most recognisable doll of all time, Barbie has been a favourite toy since her release in the late 1950s. Despite controversy about unhealthy body images, sexism, gender role stereotypes and other complaints, the range still sells massively globally. The biggest change in the history of the toy came in 2016 when petite, curvy and tall versions of the doll were released.



The humble Yo-Yo has been documented as long ago as 500BCE in ancient Greece. Despite this evidence, in the USA claims to have invented the toy in 1928 when Pedro Flores opened the Yo-yo manufacturing company in 1928. The company was bought a year later by Donald F. Duncan and the “Duncan Yo-Yo” was born. The yo-yo has remained popular and among adults and children alike



Lego was first created in the 1940s, but the bricks as we know them today were first launched in 1958 when they were made from injected moulded ABS plastic for the first time. This material proved the perfect blend of durability and cost and the Lego legend was born. The blocks have been a top-selling toy since their launch, and today they have hundreds of specialist sets that tie in with Star Wars, Marvel, Batman, Disney and Minecraft, as well as their own classic City and Technic range to help teach older kids about engineering principles.


Rubik’s Cube

Hungarian Erno Rubik created the Rubik’s cube in 1974. It was originally invented as a 3D model to show geometry principles. The result is a puzzle that can entertain, and as anyone who has ever tried one, frustrating in equal measures. The height of their popularity was in the late 1970s and 1980s, but they remain popular today with older people looking to regain the pain of their youth and by a whole new generation of gluttons for punishment. They have sold over 350 million units worldwide.


Sylvanian Families

The anthropomorphic animal series first launched in Japan in 1985 and became a global hit. Set in the fictional village of Sylvania in 1950s Britain for some reason, the animal families co-existed and lived out middle-class lives in their accompanying TV series. The series is much-loved, and the animal figurines are among the most loved toys out there.



What better way to teach kids about life than creating a game where the bank always wins and prints its own money, normal people are ruined financially and everything is decided by chance. The game of Monopoly has been the cause of billions of tantrums as children are taught the underlying principles of our sick and broken society. Enjoy stamping other people into the ground as you take all their money. One of the greatest life lessons there is, Monopoly was only ever really enjoyed by people who would turn out to be conservative politicians.

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