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The Best Star Wars Merchandise

Star Wars is a global sensation and despite the moaning and gnashing of teeth by the more right-wing elements of the fandom, the franchise is still going strong. In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the better merchandise that is currently available on the high street.

Pop! Figures

The big-headed vinyl characters are a cult classic in themselves, but when you mix them with Star Wars they become even more collectable. Available in characters that span the entire saga, you’ll probably be able to find one of your favourite characters, even if they are quite obscure.


Star Wars Lego First Order Star Destroyer

Star Wars Lego has become its own sub-fandom what with its tongue in cheek computer games and charming mini-figure representations of your favourite characters from the films. This set contains all the parts to build a First Order Star Destroyer including armour panels, 8 stud shooters and internal rooms including Supreme Leader Snoke’s chamber. The set comes with 5 mini-figures: Supreme Leader Snoke, a First Order Officer, a First Order Sergeant, a First Order Stormtrooper and a First Order Shuttle Pilot. Additional buildable figures of BB-9E and a medical droid are also included.


Yoda Hat

The Jedi Master is one of Star Wars most loved characters and now you can get his look with this hat. It won’t give you his wisdom, his connection to the force or his crazy syntax, but try it on and become Yoda you will hmmmm.


Elite Series Die-Cast Figurines

The Elite series is a die-cast series on moulded figurines created exclusively for the Disney Store. Standing 20cm high, the range is fully posable and come complete with accessories and a plastic stand for displaying them.


R2-D2 App enabled droid by Sphero

BB-8 And BB-9E may be the new droid poster boys, but there is no droid as important to galactic history than R2-D2. In fact, the whole Star Wars saga was originally supposed to be told from his point of view (there are some brilliant videos on YouTube explaining why he is the most important character in the films). This version is an app-enabled robot, capable of being controlled by either a smart device or a force band. You can control him, move him around and hear his beeps and boops while his lights operate, just like the real thing. He also interacts with other Sphero enabled droids. These are great fun for any Star Wars fan.


Porg Soft Toy

Porgs were slated by the less fun members of fandom, but they are iconic and will now always be associated with the first Jedi Temple on Ahch-To, and with Chewbacca’s stomach. The second time I saw The Last Jedi there was a little girl who had one of these and she was holding on to it for dear life. It even made my blackened old cynical heart melt.

These are just some of the great Star Wars merchandise items that are currently available.

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